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Part of Whitman College's permanent art collection, this acrylic pour titled "Shimmerings," hangs in the science building on campus in Walla Walla. The wooden chop and cinnebar paste, a gift from her Tawainese sister-in-law, is Mari's name in Mandarin characters.  It has become part of her signature on every artwork.


Swedish-born and Midwest-grown artist, Mari Jalbing now lives and works in Seattle, Washington.  In the years before beginning to paint, her inner artist manifested as florist, gardner/landscaper, interior designer, and in the fiber arts and tailoring.


In later life, Mari was introduced to paint and paper through a workshop/class at Pratt.  The experience uncorked an outpouring of work that continues to this day.  An autodidact, Mari is very prolific, and often works on 4 to 5 paintings simultaneously.  "I get to break the rules before even knowing what they are.  Having no formal training allows me incredible freedom to play."   


Until recently, all works were on paper.  Lately, Mari has been experimenting with various medium on board and canvas.  She works with tempera, watercolor, gouache, pastel, collage and acrylics...and most recently in oils.   She works in sizes ranging from miniature to mural and in many different styles.  Her subject matter is varied, but mostly nature inspired.


Mari regularly donates works to local non-profit fund-raising events/auctions as her way of supporting the many excellent community endeavors she endorses.  Her art has raised money for the Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle Men's Chorus, Child Care Resources, and Coyote Central. 


Mari's artwork has sold at the Bellevue Arts Fair and in many solo and group shows around Washington state.  Her paintings hang in private collections across the USA, in Sweden, and in Australia.

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